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Our First 30 days in operation as Lend A Paw

Hello everyone!

Wow what a whirlwind our first month in operation as Lend A Paw Pet Food Foundation has been. We expected a few bumps in the road as we transitioned and we certainly hit most of them 😜. We cannot Thank everyone for their support enough! Without each of you , we would not be able to do this.

The numbers really speak for themselves in terms of how much this service is needed in the Central and South Okanagan. Despite the change over, our numbers remained strong and high.

In the last 30 days, we have helped over 200 animals, with almost 100 separate requests. This equal almost a total of 6000 meals fed to pets who would have otherwise gone hungry in the Okanagan.

As rescues and shelters full with “Covid” dogs and cats, they do not have the room for animals whose owners do not want to surrender them, but have no choice but to make the choice to feed themselves or their pets. This is why our service is vital, not only are we keeping pets with their families, but it’s also keeping pets from further clogging up the already stretched thin resources. We know the benefits pets bring to us, they are mental health salves, they are friends to us when we are lonely, they care for us and can be a lifeline. We don’t think this should just be a benefit for the elite, we all deserve to feel the love of a pet.

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